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True Story

Unique, like every other

14 February
(Here's a copy of part of my first LJ entry since it pretty much fits the bill as an introduction.)

I'm DarkGlow. I'm a guy (the genderless tending on the feminine nickname has fooled more then a few) and I'm gay. I live in Montreal, Quebec (That's in eastern Canada, for the geographically impaired.)

Let's see, what else... I'm 28. I'm a geek and proud of it. I'm terminally shy. My first language is French. I watch way too much tv and I love movies, so I have a rather impressive collection of DVDs. I do websites and other computer programming tasks for a living. I like my job most days, but recently there's been way too much work for the personel we have, so I'm getting a bit fed up.

I spend most of my free time dividing my attention between my computer and my tv. I read a lot of slash, but I mostly lurk on lists, communities and author's LJs. So if you're an author checking out who just friended you, it's very possible that I know you very well while you've never heard of me. I'm very bad at feedback. I'm sorry! But if I've friended you, it's because I voraciously read everything you write, and I think that's the highest compliment you can make to any author IMHO.